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What would happen if...?

Every IT shop of any size has a data backup and recovery plan and process in place. However, over time requirements change, hardware changes, software changes, environments change, and personnel changes. Often, unless an event triggers an examination, the backup and recovery system and process may be the only thing that remains the same as all these other variables change.

Most people recognize the value and need for an effective backup and recovery plan. However, because backup and recovery is outside the mainstream focus and is a necessary but undesirable expense, it may lose its effectiveness without anyone being aware.  Additionally, given changes in technology, it may actually be costing more than it needs to without providing adequate protection.

Alliance Technology Group has a staff of professionals that are expert in designing, developing, and implementing Data Protection solutions and these same professionals have the experience to review an existing Backup and Recovery system and identify areas for improvement.

Our experts will review your environment to measure and document backup success percentages, the completeness of the backups versus installed storage, effectiveness of backup policies, media utilization, effectiveness of retention policies etc. We will also measure and document recovery operations and effectiveness. After all, what value do your backups have if the data can’t be recovered when needed?

As part of our service we will provide a full report of your environment. This will include but not be limited to a report of all current parameters including rates versus time of backups and recoveries, throughput, media cycle times and utilization, failure rates, and data being backed up and not being backed up. Additionally we will provide recommendations on ways to improve processes with existing configuration and recommendations for changes to the configuration to improve processes and possibly reduce cost.