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IT Infrastructure Health Checks

Your shop is running well (isn’t it?), your work is getting done on time (isn’t it?) and your data is protected (isn’t it?) but maybe it could be more efficient, additional acquisition costs might be avoided or maybe things could just be a little bit better.

Most IT environments today are run pretty well with a pretty good efficiency rating but there is so much new technology available and so many new challenges to address one can never be sure that there isn’t a better way or that there isn’t a “best practice” that could be employed to make things better. Additionally, there are many new regulations and requirements regarding data retention and security it is sometimes hard to know if you really are in compliance.

Alliance Technology Group is partnered with every major IT vendor in the industry today and our customers span the Fortune 1000. As a result of these two things, our engineers have seen it all. Alliance Technology Group is selling the latest solutions into the most challenging environments by designing solutions to meet our customer’s needs. Who, then, has a better understanding of how an IT infrastructure should work, what things to look for, and what best practices exist to meet requirements both technically and as related to compliance.

Alliance Technology Group employs design engineers, implementation engineers, and service engineers. These engineers are IT and separately networking focused. (We have a division totally dedicated to networking including telephony and communications). We also have the backing and tools of all the major vendors available to identify and address issues.

Our service consists of a full audit and “Health Check” that reviews every aspect of your environment (or a subset if you wish) and delivers to you comprehensive documentation that shows exactly what you have and how it is working. The audit includes storage capacity, utilization, and performance measurements as well as a data backup and recovery evaluation, server capacity availability and performance analysis, SAN and NAS evaluation and much much more. Our analysis is then followed by a series of recommendations that can be adopted singly or together to address all, or part, of any issues discovered. If you choose, these same engineers can come back and provide the services necessary to put in place the recommendations we offer.