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The New Network, Changing the Way We Think, Connect and Do Business

The new network is changing the way we think, connect, and do business around the world. Alliance and Juniper can help your business make the most out of these new, complex changes.

What is a high-performance network and how can it help us?

A high-performance network is one that is fast, reliable, and secure at scale. The global infrastructure consists of rapidly increasing numbers of users and mobile device types. Multimedia applications, such as video, are placing unprecedented demands on the network and performance is the key to business success.

With Juniper, customers are not forced to make sacrifices. Juniper delivers a high-performance network that enables the business, accelerating growth and innovation, while creating operational efficiencies and cost savings.

What are the benefits of a single OS?

At Juniper Networks, we believe that simplicity and innovation at the software level are the keys to advancing the network a quantum leap forward. Everything’s connected. Now it’s the software that will empower everyone.

Junos, our foundational operating system, is the common language running across every router, switch, and security device that make up our solutions. Open, adaptive, and customizable, it’s the perfect application development platform. The inherent security and stability of Junos, combined with its modular architecture and single code source, provides a proven foundation for delivering best-in-class performance, reliability, security, scale, and total cost of ownership (TCO).

What do you mean by lower TCO?

Lower TCO refers to the costs associated with the value a product delivers over its entire lifecycle. It includes general operational efficiencies, such as those created when a device optimizes physical space (through intelligent design and functional integration) and minimizes power and cooling consumption. In addition to the initial capital expenditures, TCO takes into account the ease of deployment, management, and ongoing maintenance of the solution.

How can I simplify the data center?

Most organizations have space and energy constraints as well as unnecessary complexity in their data centers. Our customers are able to collapse layers in the network, leverage a common operating system in Junos across routing, switching, and security functions, and rest assured the devices they deploy are designed to minimize space, power, and cooling requirements. Through our elegant solutions, customers can simplify their data center environment and reduce their operational costs and complexity.

How can I deploy services faster and more cost-effectively?

Put simply, Juniper offers the industry's leading service-enabling network infrastructure. We provide the agility you need to take advantage of a broad range of service models — and to offer any type of service on any network across any device. Juniper's infrastructure extends the range of opportunities and enriches the end-user experience for clients. At the same time, it reduces the complexity, costs, and risks along the way.