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Managing Backup, Recovery and Archiving

Wouldn’t it be nice if a simple backup were all there is to backup and recovery?

We all know it isn’t. Not only are there a myriad of ways to backup data, there are myriads of methodologies, best practices, and schemas. Most major IT vendors offer a solution purported to be the best. One irrefutable fact is that protecting your data is critical.

You probably already have a backup, recovery, and archiving system in place. You may want to improve it or you may want to find a way to manage what you have in a more efficient way. Alliance can help you in both cases.

Our engineers are, among other things, storage experts. We have worked with storage vendors for years and we know storage. We know how to manage it and we know how to protect it.

We can help you decide whether de-duplication is a fit for you and if it is should it be client based or host based. We can help you manage offsite solutions for data protection whether you wish to use “sneaker net” or a sophisticated network supported data transfer.

We can help you understand what solutions will meet your requirements at the least cost and we can provide the expertise to implement it and teach you how to maximize the benefits.