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There is a cross industry revolution underway in which software innovation is radically impacting the global economy, propelling companies to the top of their industries, while others find themselves struggling to keep pace and remain relevant.

Cloud and Open Source are at the epicenter of this new competitive landscape. Agile infrastructures are allowing organizations to develop faster, experiment more often, and leverage IT as a competitive advantage. The convergence of big data, mobility, analytics, and cloud are radically changing the IT landscape. In an era where requirements change monthly, yet infrastructure decisions impact you over the next 5 years, it is more important than ever to build scalable and flexible solutions that can easily be reshaped to meet current demands.

Alliance Technology Group’s IPA (Infrastructure, Platform, Application as a Service) Division helps our customers navigate through the sea of emerging technologies and delivers solutions that transform technology infrastructures into flexible and secure architectures that deliver self-service IT, rapidly, and at scale. Our prescriptive approach to solution development ensures that your cloud delivery project is a success.

We deliver clouds in days to weeks rather than the months to years, and with our hosted offerings, development efforts can be refocused today onto our hosted private cloud infrastructure.

At Alliance, we believe in the power of Open Source technology, and all IPA division technologies are firmly rooted in Open Source, leveraging the best that the community has to offer. Alliance also believes in giving back to that community through community education, sharing our experiences, and participating in several open source projects.

Several of the our key focus areas include

  • Managed on-premise private cloud
  • Hosted private cloud as a service - your data, private servers, single tenant, consistent performance, data sovereignty.
  • Automation and configuration management, visual orchestration that ensures best practices are deployed with every service, and that anyone can do it!
  • Bare metal provisioning of the industries leading operating systems, provide metal as a service with a cloud like experience for Hadoop and other workloads requiring physical servers.
  • Robust system management that provides system updates and patches, alerting, and scripting automation features.
  • Massive scalability for the growing needs of the enterprises deploying private clouds.
  • Open Source software defined storage - incredible scale, ultimate flexibility, greater than seven 9's of availability, and at a fraction of legacy storage cost.
  • Bespoke private cloud deployments for specialized use cases.

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We are proud partners with the following organizations:

Canonical Dell BlueBox SuperMicro Juniper Ubuntu Quanta SwiftStack