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Spectra Logic

Spectra Logic delivers data protection and backup solutions to meet your needs

At Spectra Logic we define, design and deliver innovative data protection and backup solutions through tape backup, deduplication and disk-based backup, recovery and archive storage solutions. By igniting innovation we challenge expectations of the data protection market with intelligent, integrated, and simple to use backup and archive technologies. Throughout our 30-plus-year history we have delivered high-density, feature rich storage with unmatched service and support to customers worldwide.
Spectra Logic is a founding member of the Active Archive Alliance. The Active Archive Alliance is a collaborative industry alliance formed to educate end user organizations on the evolving new technologies that enable reliable, online and efficient access to their archived data. The Active Archive Alliance was formed as the data storage industry is in need of a multi-vendor effort to ensure inter-compatibility, define best practices, and to educate on new trends and technologies that help organizations meet the myriad of data access and retention requirements imposed upon them.
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